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Builders United Sales has been providing quality specialty construction products which include glass walls, operable walls, accordion doors, wood roll-up doors, metal lockers, and storage solutions since our inception in 1932. It is our mission to provide the highest level of quality product & installation services available. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is by being involved early in the project analysis with owners, architects and general contractors to determine the best value of product available. Our customers include hotels, schools, church & religious institutions, airports, shopping centers, sports arenas, residential layouts, office buildings, convention centers, ballrooms, banks and wherever there is a need for space division & storage solutions.

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Moderco Operable Walls

Moderco Operable Walls

Moderco Operable Walls are the standard product to use when dividing classrooms, training rooms, ball rooms, & gymnasiums. Moderco offers several models including 16 & 18 gauge steel framed panels, steel reinforced frames, hinged paired panels, individual panels, curve & diverter and electric wall type systems.
Moderco Movable Glass Walls

Moderco Movable Glass Walls

Moderco Movable Glass Walls are constructed with an industry first. We use a mechanically fastened system to attach the glass to the glass hardware. Glass panels shall be manually operated, top supported & moved individually with retractable top & bottom seals.

Moderco Accordion Doors

Moderco Accordion Doors can help you maximize the flexibility of your facility. They’re perfect for meeting rooms, classrooms, training centers, sports centers, conference rooms, convention centers, and concert halls. They are attractive, cost-effective, and easy to operate. They’re also designed to last.

Woodfold Accordion Doors

Woodfold Accordion Doors provide the most functional way to easily divide space. They are are economical, easy to install, & most importantly provide the fastest way to reconfigure space.
Woodfold Roll-up Doors

Woodfold Roll-Up Doors

Woodfold Roll-Up doors add both security and aesthetics to any setting, residential or commercial. Sometimes referred to as counter shutters, each piece is precision handcrafted of solid hardwoods and painstakingly finished to match or compliment any decor or architectural detail. Whether at home serving to camouflage a wet bar, or working to ensure security in a bank or hotel, wood overhead coiling doors add an elegant finishing touch.

Penco Lockers

Penco Products has become a part of the fabric of American life by building lockers for decades that last for decades. Look in any school and chances are you’ll find Penco lockers in the athletic department, field house, faculty break room and of course, lining the corridors.
List Industries Lockers

List Industries Lockers

List Industries Inc. is one of the largest Locker Manufacturers on the planet. Manufacturing lockers to the highest of industry standards, List Industries’ Superior Lockers deliver on all your locker needs. You can find lockers of all sizes and designations whether you are looking for the strongest lockers or the most affordable lockers, or a good standard locker somewhere in between, List Industries makes the right locker for the job.

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Service & Maintenance

Builders United Sales highly recommends securing a regular service and maintenance contract to ensure your operable partitions are functioning optimally. An annual maintenance inspection will reduce the possible breakdowns that are typically associated with neglect of routine care & will extend the life of your operable partitions. Builders United has been in business since 1932 and has specialized in operable partition walls since the 70’s. Call us today for your free estimate, repair, replacement options or service.

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