Lead Time for Accordion Doors

All item(s) are custom made to order, it takes 24-48 hours for order processing.

Manufacturing Schedule
All series doors with factory standard finish, 2 weeks (over 250 lineal feet by quote). Series 4100 doors require 4-6 weeks after acknowledgement. If items are custom stained or painted extended lead times are required, usually an additional 2 weeks after approval of submitted samples.

Lead times are subject to change without notice.


Shipping for Accordion Doors

Please allow 7-10 days for item(s) to arrive once shipped, we will advise tracking numbers as soon as the item(s) leave the manufacturing facility. This results in approximately 3 1/2 to 4 weeks till you receive your order.

Method of shipment
All over weight or large accordion doors are shipped via common carrier and are tailgate delivery. This means that that the trucker will arrive in a large over the road truck and bring the crate to the tail end of his truck, it is your responsibility to remove the item from his truck.

All products shipped from Woodfold should be inspected on arrival for damages if there is visible damage refuse immediately. All shipments should be inspected before a signature is given to the carrier, do not let the carrier tell you that you have to sign, ask for a claim number.

If the box is torn or damaged please refuse the shipment or notate the damage on the bill of lading. If it is a UPS package please simply refuse the shipment.

In the event that there is concealed damage you only have 5 business days to notify Builders United Sales of the damages otherwise you will be held liable.

In some instances, the truck driver may not take the time for your dealer to open the carton and inspect the damage. If this happens, the Bill of Lading should be marked that there was damage to the carton and approximately where it was; i.e., middle of the carton, end of carton, corners, etc.

After the truck driver leaves, the carton should be opened and the product closely inspected for damage.

Product should be inspected before installation, if damages are noticed after installation then Woodfold would not be held liable as damage may have occurred elsewhere.

Woodfold is responsible for only the freight that is shipped on our freight accounts, meaning prepaid or prepaid and charged freight.

In the event you want to specify your own carrier you will have to ship the product Collect on your own account, in doing so you are solely responsible for any damages that may occur and any accessorial charges.

Note of Caution: Keep in mind that if the cartons are moved from the delivery location, the freight company will not accept a damage claim.

If damaged freight has been accepted and not signed for, you may be held responsible for accepting the damaged merchandise and may not be able to have a claim filed. In this case please contact Builders United Sales immediately.