Moderco Accordion Doors provide the most functional way to easily divide space. They are economical, easy to install, & most importantly provide the fastest way to reconfigure space.

Installations include offices, schools, restaurants, nursing homes, funeral homes & any where flexibility is desired. Ideal for dividing, conference rooms, lunch rooms, schools & worship halls.

Builders United offers a full line of accordion & folding wall partitions. Accordion partitions are top supported without floor guides. They are manufactured of 14 gauge galvanized steel framing with class A fire rated vinyl finish, & insulating blankets to achieve up to an STC 44!

Available in attractive vinyl and woven fabric finishes and can achieve up to an STC 44 rating.

Builders United Sales is ready to assist with your room division needs. We provide competitive sales, expert installation, and comprehensive maintenance to help protect your investment.

Moderco Accordion Door Features

Panels: Available in vinyl, fabric or carpet finish.
Wheels: Nylon wheels on steel axles with ball bearing rollers, chrome finished handles & steel finger latches.
Latch: Thumbturn two-sides with deadlatch supplied as standard.
Economical site dividers with seam-free covers.
Heights: Custom made up to 12' - 0``. Widths: Maximum width cannot exceed 38'- 0``.
Lead Post: 3/4`` x 2-3/4``, heavy-duty aluminum with interlocking jamb molding supplied for positive door alignment.
Many years of easy and trouble free operation.
STC ratings from 15 - 44. True 14 gauge galvanized pantograph frames that are reinforced with steel hinged plates for smooth operating action.

Moderco Unifold

Moderco’s Unifold offers the ideal solution for meeting room dividers. The Moderco Unifold Accordion Door is beautiful and durable with high acoustical performance. A range of acoustical doors (STC 31, 35, 40, 44) and a non-acoustical door are available to meet every need and budget.

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