Moderco Movable Glass Walls

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Moderco Movable Glass Walls are constructed with an industry first. We use a mechanically fastened system to attach the glass to the glass hardware. Glass panels shall be manually operated, top supported & moved individually with retractable top & bottom seals.

Moderco Operable Glass Walls serve as interior partition dividers offering an STC rating of 44.

Moderco Glass wall systems answer the challenge for space division needs. These systems ensure you can quickly and easily provide complete solutions for space division needs in hotels, schools, airports, shopping centers, sports arenas, residential layouts, & office buildings. Years of continuing research and development have produced many outstanding features.

Builders United Sales is ready to assist with your space division needs. We provide competitive sales, expert installation, and comprehensive maintenance to help protect your investment.

Moderco Glass Wall Features

Nominal 4" thick panels, in manufacturer's standard widths up to 60". Heights up to 12'- 0".

All glass panel faces are tempered with up to 1/4 thickness & may be laminated for additional safety.

Glass panels available with trimmed, trim-less & wood framed features, tinted, colored, etched or sandblasted.

Trim colors available standard clear, optional dark bronze, gray, clear satin etched, custom color painted, custom anodized painted.

Bottom rail locking system with operable floor locks.

Stacking options : lateral, remote, or center.

Sliding hinged pivot doors available as an option.

Electrically tilting blinds with remote control available as an option.

Moderco Crystal 200


  • Double glazing with 3″ (75 mm) air space.
  • Interlocking astragals.
  • Individual panels.
  • Automatic bottom seals.


  • Superior acoustics.
  • Laboratory tested STC of 44.
  • Allows optional remote-controlled horizontal blinds.
  • Glass panels may be mixed with Signature 8000 solid panels.
  • Ensures a rigid flat wall.
  • Enhanced layout flexibility.
  • Stacking options : lateral, remote, or center.
  • Allows operation of partition without the use of lever or tool.
  • Frame color : multiple anodizing or powder coating choices.
  • Multiple choices of glass finishes such as acid-etched, sand-blasted, frosted, painted, or with etched designs, etc.
  • Remote-controlled electrically tilting horizontal blinds.
  • ADA-compliant pass through door.
  • ADA-compliant pivot closure panel.
  • Dry-erase white boards, porcelain boards, chalk boards, cork boards, all inset.
  • Manually operated top and bottom retractable seals eliminate all friction during movement of the panels.
  • 1/4″ (6 mm) tempered glass compliant with ASTM C1048.
Moderco Crystal

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Moderco Vision 100


Tempered glass

  • Clear (standard).
  • Tinted.
  • Colored.
  • Etched.
  • Acid etched.
  • Sandblasted.
  • Acrylic.
  • Custom glass.

Horizontal rail color

  • Clear Anodized Aluminum (standard).
  • Dark Bronze Painted.
  • Custom Color Painted.
  • Custom Anodized.

Aluminum track

  • Clear anodized (Standard).
  • Custom Anodized.
  • Custom Color Painted.

Closure system shall be (select as required)

  • Pivot panel closure.

Optional upgrade

  • Thumb turn lock. or
  • Keyed lock.

Locks shall be

  • Thumb turn floor lock.
  • Keyed floor lock.
Moderco Vision