operable partitions service and maintenance


Builders United Sales highly recommends securing a regular service and maintenance contract to ensure your operable partitions are functioning optimally.

An annual maintenance inspection will reduce the possible breakdowns that are typically associated with neglect and extend the life of your operable partitions.

Builders United has been in business since 1932 and has specialized in operable partition walls since the 70’s. Call us today to schedule service and maintenance from our factory trained technicians.


Service Benefits

  • Protect your initial investment for a fraction of the cost
  • Increase operational efficiency and reliability
  • Decrease long-term repair expense
  • Reduce probability of equipment malfunctioning


General Maintenance Includes

  • Check exposed screws in panel vertical edges and tighten as required
  • Check to ensure the partition’s seals work and stack properly
  • Operate the pass doors and adjust if necessary
  • Check for torn surface material & repair or replace
  • Re-align or adjust the fit of all seals to include bottom, bulb & gyp
  • Plumbing of all panels (making edges meet straight)
  • Replace / repair track, trolley carriers, seals, gasketing, trim, latches, locks