Custom Woodfold Accordion Doors
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Woodfold Accordion Doors

Woodfold accordion doors with residential, commercial, security, and acoustic applications are beautiful additions to any space and they will be for years to come, thanks to our durable hardware and carefully selected materials. Choose from hardwood veneer or vinyl-lam panel construction, then decide if you would like your doors stained, painted, laminated, decorated with custom-print murals, or straight-up handsome, right out of the box. With so many options for closets, convention centers, retail sites, or wherever you need a door, we’ve got you covered.

Woodfold Series 140 Residential/Commercial

Woodfold’s Series 140 residential/commercial door offers both the good looks and great durability that make it a popular choice for homes, college dormitories, assisted living residences, you name it. Crafted of either vinyl-laminate or hardwood panels and designed for wardrobe/closet/ utility room use, this Series is finished front side only – ultra practical! Precision sizing assures that trimming to fit is never needed. They’re top suspended – no need for floor clips or pivots and series 140 doors incorporate a slightly modified version of our commercial-grade hardware, so there’s never a question about smooth, lasting performance.

Woodfold Series 220 Residential/Commercial

Woodfold’s Series 220 room divider door is the ideal choice when you’re looking for flexibility of use, and occasional privacy. Finished on both sides and featuring hardware almost identical to our heaviest-duty system, this Series serves as a divider and helps conserve heat in settings ranging from family recreation areas and galley kitchens to conference rooms and hotel banquet halls – in any space where the door is viewed from both sides. The view will, of course, be appreciated – Series 220 doors are crafted of glowing hardwood or striking Vinyl-Lam finishes.

Woodfold Series 240 Residential/Commercial

No other accordion door on the market matches the flexibility of Woodfold’s Series 240 doors, and no other is specified more often. Whether added to residential, commercial, institutional or industrial settings, this Series delivers the high-use durability needed to successfully reconfigure space in homes, offices, schools, restaurants – all in stunning style. As you’d expect, options abound: curvable tracks, locks, latches, multiple meeting posts, plus finishes ranging from natural hardwoods, Vinyl-Lam, custom paint or stains, even applied murals. Durability, however, is not optional. Series 240 features Woodfold’s exclusive steel hardware system that assure flawless performance.

Woodfold Visifold Series 440 Commercial/Retail

Woodfold’s Visifold Series 440 see-through commercial and retail security doors. Custom-crafted of heavy-duty acrylic panels and our exclusive steel hardware hinge system, this Series helps reduce annoying noise and dust while providing a welcome sense of openness. Designed to present an inviting entrance to retail and hospitality settings with moderate security needs, our Series 440 doors also serve as a unique decorative touch, and can be crafted to incorporate acrylic panels with those made of hardwood or Vinyl-Lam.

Woodfold Visifold Series 540 Security Commercial/Retail

Woodfold’s Series 540 Visifold doors combine the smooth, flawless operation of the Woodfold hardware hinge system with enhanced security between panels thanks to a rigid PVC hinge over a steel rod, the Series 540 offers an unobstructed view of what’s inside while assuring protection. Plus, since every setting has its own distinctive style, we offer a bounty of options: a spectrum of finishes, curvable tracks, different locks and latches, and the ability to combine sleek acrylic with gleaming hardwood or Vinyl-Lam panels.

Woodfold Alumifold Series 640 Commercial/Retail

Woodfold’s Alumifold Series 640 is the ideal choice for a variety of installations requiring not just strength, not just functionality, but also sleek, streamlined good looks. This Series incorporates the smooth operation of Woodfold’s exclusive steel hardware hinge system to ensure smooth operation and exceptional strength and durability. Design options like solid or perforated aluminum panels in bronze or clear (silver) finishes deliver the privacy and security you’re looking for with eye-catching beauty.

Woodfold Alumifold Series 740 Security Commercial/Retail

When you need to close off a space and lock it up tight, Alumifold Doors are a fast, secure way do it. When that space sees a lot of foot traffic, such as malls or public lobbies, Alumifold is the fast, secure, and stylish solution for storefronts or customer service desks. Easy to operate and dependable for years to come, these doors are available in either opaque panels or perforated. Opaque panels offer privacy and extra deterrence; perforated partitions are great for rooms that need the air exchange while staying locked (think IT rooms with hot servers and audible alarms). They’re also beautiful for installations requiring easy-to-clean, sleek-looking folding doors.

Alumifold doors are made from single-piece, extruded aluminum body panels for extra strength, and use our exclusive hardware hinge system featuring rigid vinyl and steel rod construction. Choose from Bronze or Clear (silver) finishes, with color coordinated panel connectors.

Woodfold Sound Rated Series 2100

Woodfold’s Series 2100 partition features an acoustic lining and exclusive heavy-duty hardware. The full-perimeter seal system features a vinyl sweep system on top and bottom, acoustically sealed track, and interlocking jamb molding with sound gasket, which also reduce heat loss and air exchange between rooms. Mounted from an overhead track with all hardware included, the 2100 can be tailored to your exact specifications, including size, latches, and finish. Choose from a variety of attractive hardwood and Vinyl-Lam finishes for this double-sided door, or talk to our pros about custom murals and fabric coverings.

Woodfold Acoustic Sound Rated Series 3300

Woodfold’s Series 3300 reduces distracting noise and helps keep the room’s temperature controlled using acoustic lining and a perimeter seal. With an exclusive heavy-duty hardware system, this dual-walled partition is as at home in offices or religious facilities as it is in restaurants or hotel meeting spaces needing moderate sound control. Series 3300 doors are available in a variety of attractive hardwood and Vinyl-Lam finishes, and can be ordered with differing finish materials on each door face.

Woodfold Acoustic Sound Rated Series 4100 - 6″/8″

For higher sound control in meeting spaces, medical facilities, or religious institutions, this series takes sound attenuation to a higher level. High quality, with an FSTC of 41, the 4100 features a perimeter seal, acoustic lining, and heavy-duty hardware. Available in two panel widths: 4166 is the dual 6” panel, and the 4188 incorporates the same pantograph geometry for ease of use with a larger 8” panel. Five discrete finishes are available. 6” and 8” styles available. Certified FSTC 41.