Woodfold Roll-Up Doors add both security and aesthetics to any setting, residential or commercial. Sometimes referred to as counter shutters, each piece is precision handcrafted of solid hardwoods and painstakingly finished to match or compliment any decor or architectural detail. Whether at home serving to camouflage a wet bar, or working to ensure security in a bank or hotel, wood overhead coiling doors add an elegant finishing touch.

Each Woodfold Roll-Up door is custom made to order following stringent manufacturing guidelines. Select solid hardwoods are machined to precise tolerances, selected for color consistency, and assembled. The use of natural hardwoods is aesthetically pleasing and will compliment a variety of architectural designs.

To increase strength and durability, each hardwood slat is individually attached with strong, plastic – coated, aircraft grade stainless steel cables and fixed at top and bottom. Last, each Roll-Up door is installed and tested prior to shipping, then sent in durable crating, thus ensuring everything possible is done to have all pieces arrive undamaged.

Woodfold insists on individually finishing each piece prior to shipment. Factory finishing also prevents moisture build-up inside the wood, which leads to warping and can seriously hamper both the operation and the appearance of the door.

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Woodfold Roll-Up Door Features

Select solid hardwoods including: oak, maple, birch, cherry, mahogany & alder are available. Other wood species available upon request.
Individual slats ½`` by 1 5/8`` pre machined to nest in adjacent slat for smooth Roll-Up action.
Available in manual, motorized or awning – crank operations, with custom match finishes to your existing mill-work or decor.
Roll-Up doors are available in widths to 12' – 0`` and heights to 8' – 0``.
Engineered hardwood lead post, 1 ½`` X 5`` providing stable mounting location for locking / security options.
Finishes include clear lacquer, custom stains and/or paints.

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Roll-Up Door Mounting Options

Inside Mount Under Lintel
Between Wall Mount on Face of Lintel
Between Wall Mount Without Lintel
Outside Mount on Face of Wall

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